Haiku Winners: Fringe 2018

Adult entries...

Posted by Martin Spence on May 16, 2018

Congratulations to Fran Bridgewater for her winning entry. Fran received a framed copy of the Haiku and a book on the English Countryside, foreword by David Attenborough, on the many ways we can help retain the beauty and future of places like the Peak District.

All entries, like the younger generation Haikus published earlier, explored the many interactions we experience in our local environment and expressed a deep understanding of the traditions and fun elements of writing Haiku.

A few examples below from the entries and a special mention to Wendy Butler and Mike Hayes for their compositions in this year’s competition.

Fran's Winning Haiku:

Fran Bridgewater:           

Springtime blossoms forth
Cherry tree bursts with popcorn
Tasty treats await

Inspired by Fran: This Haiku below, sent in by a friend of the fringe, is an example of the power of communication and engagement at the Fringe. All business and personal interests benefit from bringing peoples' worlds brought out into the open and sharing great ideas inspired by each other.

More Cherry Blossom:
Cherry blossom stinks
Schmalzy naff taffeta pinks
Sickly sweet ice cream

Mike Hayes:               
The Raven:
Nearby a raven
Alert to a swirl of dust
Far along the road

Mike Hayes:
The Ferryman:
Ring the bell, he'll come
And sometimes he will take you
Without being asked.

Mike Hayes:               
Someone help me:
Still too scared to move
My grim-faced great grandfather
Hanging in the hall

Wendy Butler                                     
I wake to find
Lost ramblers at my gate                            
All rucksacked up and searching
Looking for Hope.

Martin Spence                                   
A day out at the Fringe:
Reporter averts
The dove feasted on shopping
Unique laughs for town

Kevin Flint
Metamorphosis gifts us,
with its own axe to be free,
from our frozen sea.

Kevin Flint
Towering of stone;
word, made in binary products,
killing the Other

Kevin Flint
Signing the soul; its
animating drive in our life
given by the Other

Kevin Flint
With its freedom; that
monster, the unknown, re-turns,
futureless in its future

We look forward to entries in the next year's competition.

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