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Fringe without Limits.... New date for next year, Saturday, 27th April 2019

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Hope Valley Fringe: Saturday 27th April 2019

New date for the Fringe!

Hitchhiking - A Dying Art In Need Of Some Love

How Eddy The 19 Year Old Printer Breathed Life Into The Night

Upcoming Events - Andy Cave and John Beatty

Obituary - Mark Vallance

Training - Do I Have To (Part 1)?!?

Kids Climbing Shoes - A Lesson In Good Customer Relations

DMM Advanced Weekend: Audience Profiles

Hope Valley Fringe » Surviving The Death Zone

Sink Or Swim - The Perils Of Sharing Wild Swimming Spots On Social Media

On Belay With ... David Hillebrandt

Surviving the Death Zone - General Feedback

Surviving the Death Zone - Thanks and Highlights

Hope Valley Fringe Haiku

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Haiku Winners: Fringe 2018

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Hope Valley Fringe 2019

New date: 27th April 2019

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an arrangement of parts or elements in a particular form, figure, or combination


feel or manipulate with the hands - hold, pick up, grasp, grip, lift, feel, touch

How to Write a Haiku Using the What3words Concept

What3words Locations in The Hope Valley

Phil Sproson Photography & Fern Prints

let's talk photography

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The great Hathersage treasure hunt.

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On Your Marks

Part 1 - Ready, Steady, Go.....

Student films and performance


the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions


the importance, worth, or usefulness of something